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Inflatable Bed Rails

RISK FREE: Our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee AND Extended Manufacturers's Lifetime Warranty will refund or replace your product if you have any issue down the road; we pride ourselves on prompt and knowledgeable customer support should you ever need us

THE SAFE CHOICE: Not just water “resistant”, nonporous water-PROOF material rejects moisture that causes mildew and mold.

Bumper design avoids deadly entrapment scenarios caused by standard railings.Airtight design doesn’t compress like foam when rolled onto or attract and harbor dust and allergens like foam protectors.

Independently tested for harmful chemicals and compliant with CA Prop 65, ATSM, CPSIA, and CPSC safety standards; 100% BPA, Lead, and Phthalate SAFE

LIGHT AND COMPACT: When deflated and packed into the provided travel sack, 2 rails take up less than 1/10 of a cubic foot and weigh less than a guinea pig (24 ounces). 

Compare to unwieldy foam which weighs more, takes up more space, and is more difficult to re-pack

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The standard pack includes: 2 bumpers, travel bag (which fits both when deflated), warranty card, instructions, and quality packaging suitable to present as a gift.

ETHICALLY RESPONSIBLE: We dedicate resources to educating people about safety and improving the lives of others; a portion of our profits is dedicated to supporting human rights, our shipping process supports nonprofit workers with developmental disabilities, and our social media focuses on awareness as a primary goal rather than product promotion; Our business is others’ safety and we take that seriously; your purchase supports these values

WE PAY ATTENTION TO COMPLAINTS ABOUT COMPETITORS: We avoid, cheap, thin, material; our durable inflatable railing design is over 11 Mils thick to protect against leaks; friction strips and simple physics keep the rail in place; our simple intuitive valve eliminates the need for a complicated pumping system, and our customer support will never leave you hanging.


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