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We are focused on providing high-quality health and safety products and promoting the well-being of children and animals around the world. Please explore our website where you can register your product(s), find and share information, and help us promote a safe and healthy world for those who depend on us.


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Creating A culture of Safety


Safety is more than a piece of equipment or a routine (though these are useful tools!). It's a mindset that we have the responsibility of developing in ourselves and passing on to the next generation. 

​As a former firefighter, I've seen firsthand the powerful impact of sharing information, using proper safety equipment and establishing protocols for quick response in emergency situations. Now, as a developer and manufacturer of health and safety equipment, my mission is to create a brand that helps people educate themselves, their children, each other and the greater world wide web community to promote safety.

Living safely as role models and helping our children develop positive life habits can help us lower the incidence of injuries and fatalities. Having a "safety first!" philosophy enables us to do achieve many incredible things. Many of the more exciting activities in life would be much more dangerous without the proper equipment and mindset. Even the simpler aspects of life such as riding in a car, sleeping, and eating can benefit from cultivating a culture of safety!

I hope you enjoy our website, products, and customer service. Please join us in our commitment to improving the health and well-being of children around the world!

Bear Palomo, Founder